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Raina Fudo, The Queen of the Synchrons

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Raina Fudo, The Queen of the Synchrons

Post by WolfiePrince121 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:48 am

Name: Raina Fudo
Age: 20
Height: 5'7
Era: 5Ds

Bio: An near human android sent from the past controlled by Z-One. Landing in New Domino moments before Yusei's duel with Z-one. Hit with a blast of energy from the duel, the Crimson Dragon found a new host. And the child found a family, after being found by Team 5Ds after the duel was won, Yusei and Akiza agreed to raise the child as their own. Being raised by Yusei and Akiza, she was taught many skills. In the years to come, she learned to repair Duel Runners, inside and out. And in turn she became an exceptional Turbo Duelist, sporting a deck of friend she had made through her family. One day, midst a Turbo Duel, the once dormant Crimson Dragon woke, the ensueing energy burst sending her to the Time Gates.

Decks: Synchron Quasar, Resonator Archfiend Dragons, Blackwings

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